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Established in 1989, Arjun International opened the avenues of quality COACHING for GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS. Our students have always obtained top scores in the mentioned exams enabling them to gain admission in high ranking universities. Many such students have been recipients of scholarships and many have secured financial assistance. Arjun International also offered ADMISSION COUNSELLING on exclusive basis for aspirants needing expert guidance. Having gained considerable experience since its inception, Arjun International has been highly successful in fulfilling the objectives of students aspiring for higher studies abroad and also seeking scholarships / financial assistance. The necessary financial assistance is well negotiated on behalf of the student after presenting his credentials for appraisal. A large number of its students have been recipients of Scholarships and Financial Assistance right here in India. 

Staffed by an efficient and dedicated team of skilled and experienced personnel, Arjun International has emerged as a premier coaching & counseling centre for studies abroad. Operating from multiple centres in Mumbai – Arjun International has competently & successfully coped with the annual rush of students from the city as well as outstation who are desirous of pursuing academic degrees abroad. Its students have always obtained top scores in entrance exams enabling them to gain admissions in high ranking Universities. Serving as a bridge to fulfill the aspirations of the young and the brilliant, it continues to extend its services with increasing measures of professionalism and expertise to pave the way and assist the students for securing admissions abroad. 

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